3 way pin passing? (Unidirectional)

Hi everyone, i’m new to xbee and am wondering how to configure pin passing between 3 radios. I have 2 units that will be sending pins and one that only needs to receive.

I have it working using transparent mode for one ‘sender’ radio (using the procedure here https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/Digidocs/90001456-13/tasks/t_configure_pin_pairing.htm ) but am unable to get the second one to talk.

I’m thinking it could be the IA config of the Receiving radio, but i have it set to FFFF which i thought would allow multiple sending radios.

What could i be missing?

And is there a better protocol for me to use for this? I’d like to be able to put the rdios to sleep as this is a battery powered application.


Check the DL/DH function of the input radio. Make sure it is also set to the broadcast address.