64 bit datatype?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if there’s a 64-bit datatype to store an external id in?

I’m using it as follows:
I have an 6 bytes ID (48 bits) in an array, I’d like to convert this to an ID to verify this with an external ID.
The method we (would like to) use is bitshifting.

Shift byte 1 40 positions to the left (byte1 << 40).
Shift byte 2 32 positions to the left (byte1 << 32).
Shift byte 3 24 positions to the left (byte1 << 24).
Shift byte 4 16 positions to the left (byte1 << 16).
Shift byte 5 8 positions to the left (byte1 << 8).

Then add al results and byte 6 and this should give an 48-bit ID. This ID has to be stored in at least a 48-bit datatype, however 64-bit is preferred.

Can anyone help me?

Can I also use “printf” to print this 64-bit datatype?

Grtz and many thanks in advance.