AccelePort RAS 8 and Citrix/Terminal Server async connections

Not sure if this should be asked here or at the Citrix forums but I am using an AccelePort RAS 8 adapter to provide dialup services for a Windows 2000 Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0 FR3 Server. It seems to take an unusually long time to make a connection and get the terminal window.

On our old NT4/Metaframe 1.8 server with a Multitech external modem bank, from initilization to showing of the terminal screen takes roughly 30 seconds.

On our Win2000/Metaframe XP server with internal AccelePort RAS 8 adapter, it takes about 30 seconds to initiliaze and complete the connection handshake process and then an additional 35 seconds for the terminal screen to show up. The connection time is doubled. It seems that the time to complete the connection handshake takes longer than most modems I’ve worked with.

Is there a particular setup in Windows or Citrix to deal with this or do I need to create a modem initilzation string to work on this? Any ideas appreciated.