ADC Limits

I need to know the ADC input Limits or ranges (impedance, Voltage, amperage, etc) order to make a good sensor selection, I know that the znet 2,5 has pull-up resistors but I don´t know their values.


Hi paul, I´m from Colombia too but now I´m in Brasil. I made my final work (for the UIS, just 6 month ago) with the Xbee ZNet 2,5 and I made that question some time ago, I didn´t find the answer I was waiting for…the answer I found was that ADCs module´s ports(for the ZNET 2,5) has an input range of 1,2[V]just like the manual said…I sent several mails to digi´s support and they answered things that didn´t have anything to do with the question.

Hey parce, cualquier duda que tengas y necesites respuesta, yo puedo colaborarte tambien. Puedes contactarme al correo electronico (

if you want you can see the answer I get on the post I made called “ADC Impedance ZNet 2.5 Jun 4, 2008 5:24 PM”

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