AgentX support on DigiConnect ME9210

Hi all,
this is my first post and I hope I’m posting in the correct forum.

I’m developing a net-snmp application that will run on a Digi Connect ME 9210.
With the Digi EL toolchain I’ve created a new Kernel/Rootfs/U-Boot Project. I’ve included the Net-SNMP Agent prebuild application to my project through the configuration page.

In my snmpd configuration file I specify “master agentx”.
When the snmpd daemon starts on the Digi Connect, the AgentX master support has not been started, and I get the message “Warning: Unknown token: master”.

Can I rebuild the net-snmp packet with different options (e.g. --with-mib-modules=agentx)?
If yes, how do I do that?

If there is another way, rather that through the agentx, to connect the snmpd daemon to a new net-snmp app I’ll be happy to try out. [:)]


Hi all,
in case somebody had my same problem I found a workaround the problem.
It’s important to specify the cross compiler.

Once the daemon it has been recompiled, rebuild the kernel packet to include it.
Below the configure command.
After that “make” and “make install”. No need to be root when doing “make install” because the libraries will be installed in /usr/local/DigiEL-5.2

–with-mib-modules=“agentx smux”