AJAX in the digi me with NET+OS 7.4.2


I am currently busy to make a program that reads out several device with rs485 and then show the values of these devices on a HTML pages inside the Digi Connect ME. I’m working with the NET+OS 7.4.2 and after doing some researches i realised i had to use AJAX for my application. I downloaded the “ajax programming using digi advanced web server” document and am busy with getting the example working correctly.

i have the 6 text boxes on my screen and they do give me the corrected text. Also the sending new data works fine but the button "Update Form From Data"doesn’t seem to do anything. I think something might be wrong with the c file so i started looking for the


but i cannot find the definition anywhere also not in the file.c or the customize.ldr

if anyone has any tips or an example of ajax in NET+OS 7.4.2 it will really help me a lot. already thank for your time reading this

yours sincerely,


Just a thought, did you try searching with .cxx or .hh. I noticed Digi uses these for c++ source and includes.