alert from digi devices if they are working on ppp1 interface (backup interface, primary failed)

ppp0 tcom connection, wired connection
ppp1 sim card, backup if ppp0 fails

How to get this alert on Digi Remote Management, ppp0 fails ppp1 takeover

How to get alert from digi devices if they are working on ppp1 interface (backup interface, primary failed), assuming that ppp0 is wired communication with ISP? Warning is needed to be shown on Digi Remote Manager .

The easiest way to do this would to be to create a DataPoint On Change alarm based on the /management/connections DataStream.

This would give false positives when you change PPP 0 WAN IP addresses or for any reason the connection to DRM reconnects.

You could potentially create a DataPoint condition alarm and if the DataPoint contained “cellular” then alarm. However the manual is pretty sparse on explaining if you can match a substring of a string so you would need to test if this is even possible. I expect it is not possible.

After the alarm is created then you would create the matching alert email.

This method is not instantaneous and would take up to 5 minutes with default settings on the router to trigger.

To do anything faster you would be looking at adding a small python script on the router to update a DataStream when it detects PPP 1 being used as a primary route.

You would require a Digi RM Premier license to any of this and currently to create these Alarms you need to log into the Classic Remote Manager.

For reference I haven’t suggested watching the /mobile/*/uptime DataStreams as I expect these do not differ as PPP 1 would be hot standby most likely. Potentially PPP 0 may be visible to alarm on but you would need to check your device’s individual DataStreams and don’t forget that the health metrics are only updated every hour so you may have an up to 60 minute wait for this if used as an alarm.

Nicholas Wilson
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Thanks for reply.
I am doing still some tests and everything is still in progress.
I turned on digi device health metrics reporting, afther some time started getting reports from digi device.
Then created alarm from DataStream */metrics/mobile/0/net/0/3g/uptime and started geting fired alarm.

Thanks for info abouth this.