ANywhere USB National Instrument

We have recently purchased an AnywhereUSB to connect USB data acquisition boards from National Instruments for underwater acoustic purposes.
We went first into trouble with National Instrument USB driver up to the present release NIDAQmx8.5 (thanks to DIGI support !)
Through the later driver NIDAQmx8.5, communication is running smoothly between AnywhereUSB and acquisition boards during their autotests.
We are now experimenting problems during the acquisition itself as soon as we raise the sampling rate or the number of samples. We are currently limited to a sampling frequency of 2 kHz and 500 samples on one channel whereas we would like to handle 10kHz, 5000 samples and 3 channels !
Is there any idea on your side to solve this problem ?


Hi, I am going to email you directly on this shortly.

Best regards,

Mike Swift