AnywhereUSB/2 compatibility issues with Bitwise Systems QuickUSB Module... causes blue screen

I’m using the AnywhereUSB/2 and can’t get it to function with the Bitwise Systems QuickUSB module. I’ve already tested the QuickUSB module with the AnywhereUSB check utility v1.2 and it shows that it’s compatible. The QuickUSB also works perfectly when directly connected to my local pc usb port as to verify that it’s not the QuickUSB module itself having issues with Windows 7. Next I connected the QuickUSB module to the AnywhereUSB/2 and connected the ethernet cable to the local pc to eliminate my vpn tunnel being the issue and this is where it causes the same blue screen as when connected through the vpn tunnel. So the issue is with the QuickUSB driver not being compatible with the AnywhereUSB/2. This has become very frustrating and I’m hoping someone has a resolution to this problem.
Here is my current system info:
Local PC:
Windows 7 32 bit and have tried Windows XP SP3 32bit with no change.
Configuration Utility_v3.10.20
As far as I know these are the most recent updates.
Bitwise Systems QuickUSB module:

The first blue screen that I get shows an issue with the Awvusbd.sys and then it reboots the PC. After the reboot I get the second type of blue screen that shows an issue with QuickUSB.sys but the first blue screen is the root cause of this.
I’ve attached the screen shots of both blue screen errors.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


Please open a support case with us, referencing your forum thread #9201. We’ll then give you instructions on how to get a memory dump over to us for analysis.