API message to display PL and RSSI?

Hey all,

I have a question today about the configuration of XBEE modules.
I am currently using the configuration files from the tweet-a-watt project here:



I want to change my configuration, so that both RSSI and the current powerlevel (PL) are broadcasted in the API frame. How can I do this?

As you can see, the profiles are in transparent mode, and I want the ability to switch powerlevels (PL) real-time without entering command mode. Is it possible to change powerlevel in transparent mode? Or do I need API mode for that?
And if I need API mode, which API code do I need to send to configure the powerlevel?

Edit: Found a command which does nothing in API mode, what am I doing wrong?

0x7E 0X00 0X08 0X08 0X4D 0X50 0X4C 0X32 0X0C



Don’t know about the main question, but your sample packet claims to have 8 payload bytes in the length field, yet there aren’t that many bytes supplied. So the XBee will cheerfully and quietly ignore the packet.