API Operation

i have two xbee module.
one is on the tahoe-II board running on .net microframework. i managed to build the API frame operation in the .net microframework. i had set the API enabled for this xbee module as well. i wish to set the remote device parameter (example, one digital output to high).

second xbee is connected on the xbib-u-dev board. i would like to know if this module will automatically send Remote Command Response after i send the Remote AT Command Request from the first xbee module. Do i need to run additional program to decode this received API frame?

my objective is to turn ON the digital output on the Xbee module connected on the xbib-u-dev board from the tahoe-II board. thanks

The second module will automatically send a response, but you shouldn’t need to run a an additional program to decode this response unless you need the packet for something.

Do u know how to use the code in mftoolkit?