API packet array of word size & XB24 comm issues

i’m sending a API packets to a coordinator from a few end devices.

array structure that holds the packet elements is of type word versus byte. reason is that one data element will have values larger than a byte size more often than not

what i’m running into now, is the packets get to the coordinator just fine and into the PC if only the lowbyte of the word is sent. but once the value goes above 255, the xbee isn’t communicating…and rightfully so.

maybe this has something to do with the checksum calculation when trying to send a hibyte & lowbyte. checksums with just lowbyte element values go through just fine. just not sure at this point.

needed to toss this out there, get a little feedback, before i go off in circles.

nevermind, i fixed this. put a high byte and lowbyte into a respective element of the array.