API Range


Is there any way of increasing the range when in the API mode ?

In API = 0 I can receive anywhere in my house but when i change to API = 1 the range goes down to about 5M

Is there any settings that chenge when setting API = 1

This is on 2 Series 1 latest firmware

The API mode shouldn’t make any difference to the range, so I’d guess that some other factor is involved here. Can you give us more details?

What details?

The only change I make is API - I then send via the API packet but get the message when close so guess this is the correct packet

When API = 0 i’m still sending the same message - just receive the header etc at the receive end rather than the receive header etc

I can do some screenshots if there is something you need (or can thing of) to check

> What details?

Yep, that’s a good question. How about posting the packet you’re sending for a start? And the response packet if any, plus whatever comes out at the other end.

If you can post the packet looking something like this:
7E 00 03 4C 5D 01 CB
it’ll help. (That example packet is a nonsense one by the way. I’m only trying to suggest the format.)