Application Support (APS) sub layer

Will there be XBee firmware (stack) in the (near) future which implements the Application Support (APS) Sub Layer as defined in the Zigbee specification?
As far as I know Ember supports this layer!
Anybody with inside knowledge??

Sending and receiving APS messages is already supported by the ZB firmware.

You can transmit an APS frame by using an explicit-TX X-API frame and you may receive an APS frame by parsing the explicit RX X-API frame.

You can also set the profile and cluster ID of a sent frame by adjusting some AT parameters of the AT mode firmware.

What sort of device are you trying to talk to?


I’m trying to develop my own (Home Automation) application (communication interface for ultrasonic wind speed/direction measurement unit).
I know I can use the API 0x11 and 0x91 frames to transfer information. But functions like group management and binding tables are not supported (part of the APS layer). I would like to use the application interface as defined by Zigbee (APSDE-SAP). In this way interoperability at the application level is also possible. Units of different brands can be interchanged. I know this is not important for the application I mentioned above (wind speed/direction is not part of the Home Automation profile), but if we talk about light control, temperature measurement etc. this can be very useful.

Nobody out there with inside knowledge of future XBee firmware??

What kind of group management and binding table support do you need? Are you talking with other HA devices?

That is what I intend to do.
I want to transmit and receive information/messages to a Zigbee network that conform to the Zigbee APS layer specifications.

Do you need to create local binding table entries, or what exactly do you need?