Application using Compiled Python files stop working eventually

We have a python application consisting of some python modules running on the digi X2/X4. These are uploaded to the X2/X4 in a zip format and work fine.
We compiled these modules and uploaded the .pyc files in a zip format to the X2/X4, and start them up via a small startup script. Everything starts up okay and appears to work similar to the uncompiled python scripts (modules) case, but after some time the application stops working and hangs. The telnet interface to the X2/X4 is still up and running. Anybody come accross a similar issue and knows what the problem is?


Bytecode vs non-bytecode should not make a difference. If the telnet interface is still up, perhaps you could get some additional information. In particular, this sounds like behavior that might be seen if there’s not enough memory.

Can you post the results of the ‘display memory’ and ‘who’ commands?

How long does it take to fail? A few hours? Days? Weeks?

Make sure you have the latest X2/X4 firmware (the “EOS”) which you can obtain at the Digi support web site. You want one dated in August 2009. A memory leak was discovered in the handling of DNS names which caused the units to run out of memory in from 2 weeks to nearly a year (just depends on how frequently DNS names are handled).

The ‘display memory’ command would help you detect if this memory loss is the issue.