Are there any 900 mhz models that can run a version of firmware that has the IA,IU and RO parameters?

I am not sure how to answer that question. Perhaps if you tell us what it is you want to do we can answer it.

I would like to wireless program an Arduino FIO. Setting this up requires using these parameters. I have done this successfully with 2.4 modules but when I went to do this with the 900 mhz module the parameters were not avaible and wireless programming did not work.

The instructions for wireless programming give these reasons for setting these parameters:

RO: Next we’ll set the Packetization Timeout. This is what determines how long to wait before sending the characters over. We’re doing some ‘bulk transfer’ when sending 10K programs over, so you’ll probably want this number high like 10

IU: Set the I/O Output to Disabled. This will prevent the receiver from displaying the status update in the serial line and instead just toggle the matching pin.

IA: Finally, set I/O line passing input address to FFFF. If you set up unique addresses for the receiver and transmitter xbees, of course you should change this to match but FFFF will match all addresses.



No, only the XBee 802.15.4 module supports DIO line passing. All others can only using remote AT commands or provide a UART output of a state change.