ask for some question about gnu

hi,When I use net+os with gnu, I encoutered some questions: 1)I don’t know what’s difference between “vide” and “gdb”? 2)I hear from other people that “gdb” is DOS command tool but after installing software I found the tool is windows tool. Whether or not the windows tool can replace its DOS version? 3)I can’t find OCD download tool mannual. I don’t know how to generate obj file and download file and I don’t know what’s function of those files such as *.bld *.lx *.map and how to generate them? Regards Zhuchun

gdb is the command driven one and gdbtk is the gui interface. it basically translates the windows interaction to command line commands then the gdb executes them. Same wise info retrieved gets translated from gdb to the user interface. Consider it like a translator.