ASM problem


I’m new in Rabbit, and I need to do a routine in ASM. I think having understood the principle, but I have an error " timeout while waiting for response from target" with the following code :

ipset 1 // Priorit� int 1
ld hl,0x0060
loop:ioi set 4,(hl)
ld b,0xFF
call delai
ioi res 4,(hl)
ld b,0xFF
call delai
// jp fin
jp loop

ld a,0xFF
dec a
jp NZ,delai
dec b
jp NZ,delai
fin :ipres

Is my loop too fast? Because, If I use a while(1) with a delay of 1 milisecond in C instead of this loop, it works fine.


Maxime Coquelin