Assertion Failed in WDMTX.c Log file attached

We just recentlty started getting failed messages from one of our two AnywhereUSB/5 Devices.

The attached device is an Epson Expression 1680 Scanner. It had been working fine for a little over a year. Then this last week started having trouble. When it would connect the scanner would start and as soon as tx starts it would reboot. I direct plugged the scanner into the same computer and it works flawlessly.

Error Log: Saw errors, no time stamp so unsure as to how old the original entries were so I saved and cleared the eent log if you want I can send it, and allowed it to start fresh.

Epson []

Serial Number: SW811F4481
MAC Address: 00-20-BE-7F-44-81

Event log range 00000000…00000006 (7 entries)
Record # Data

00000000 Software Reboot (Host Disconnected)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 3min 29s
00000001 Software Reboot (User Request)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 10min 17s
00000002 Software Reboot (User Request)
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 23 sec
00000003 ! Watchdog Reset
Firmware v0.0.0000 Uptime 0 sec
00000004 ! Assertion Failed in “txprotutil.c” Line 443
“TxStatus == TX_SUCCESS”
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 6 sec
Registers: 08067C9F 08067C8F 000001BB FFFFFFFF
00000024 00000000 00000000 AAAAAAAA
00000022 000001BB 08067C9F 08067C8F
08067C9F 00344504 080117C0 08016008
Stack: C0000001 00000000 00344688 00000024
00000000 00344688 00000001 0006D14C
00344608 00000004 003445B0 0034457C
0800E870 08011760 00000000 00000000
00000000 00000001 00344688 003446A8
00344708 003448E0 0006D14C 00344608
003445E4 003445B4 0800D578 0800E818
003446B4 00344608 00344608 003448E0
00000005 ! Watchdog Reset
Firmware v0.0.0000 Uptime 0 sec
00000006 ! Assertion Failed in “wdmtx.c” Line 964
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 6 sec
Registers: 080682AC 080682A4 000003C4 00000019
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
00000022 000003C4 080682AC 080682A4
080682AC 003444C8 080139C8 08016008
Stack: 00000000 0006D14C 0006AC90 0034454C
00344524 0800B100 080139B0 00000000
0800FB00 00000000 00344FAC 0006D14C
0006AC90 00361104 00344580 00344550
0800B190 0800B0DC 00000000 00220003
00361104 00000000 00000000 00344FAC
0006D14C 0006AC90 00000000 003445B8
00344584 0800B274 0800B158 00361104

It seems to stay connected without any devices plugged into it, but what good is that. :0


Hello Larry,

“What changed” around the time that this issue started happening, last week? For example, did Windows Update recently run? Was another USB device connected to the AnywhereUSB in question? Something else?

>> “When it would connect the scanner would start and as soon as tx starts it would reboot.”

Please give me more details about the symptoms.

  1. What exactly do you mean by “when it would connect”? Do you mean, clicking the Connect button in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility? Or something else?

  2. What exactly do you mean by “the scanner would start”?

  3. What would reboot? The AnywhereUSB? If so, what exactly suggests that? For example, did you see the lights on the front panel suddenly all turn off then turn back on (similar to if you pulled the power adapter from the AnywhereUSB then plugged it back in)? Did the AnywhereUSB suddenly disappear from the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility and then re-appear?

For now, don’t worry about the info in the AnywhereUSB Event Log. I appreciate it but it’s better to troubleshoot based on what you’re actually seeing - the actual / real symptoms.

Maybe if you can describe exactly how you generally “use” the scanner, and how it’s behaving now compared to in the past, that would be helpful. The more descriptive the better!