AT distance Vs API Distance

Hi, I work with module Xbee PRO S2 (international variant)with ufl connector and Antenn.
I would like to know if power transmission distance between 2 modules is the same if 2 modules are in AT firmware or API firmware?

I have make the test with AT command the distance between 2 module indoor is 65m - 70m. But when i make the API firmware the distance between 2 module is not good.
I use XCTU with remote configuration i use node discover. I see coordinator and router but when i select read router, the scroll bar move but if i place my hand between 2 antenn the progression stop and if I remove my hand progression status move ETC…

Xbee pro S2 coordinateur API 2170
Xbee pro S2 router API 2370

RF interfacing :
Power level: 4
Power mode : 1
power at PL4 : 11

XBP24-ZUIT-004 revH

Have any problem this firmware or this product?

I’ve call USA and the problem is solved!!!
It’s a firmware problem.
2x64 firmware for xbeepro S2
2x70 firmware for xbeepro S2B!

Thank you for clarification!