ATND Different Result Execution


I am using the X-CTU tool to execute the ATND command, but I am facing a problem that it generates different result each time it get executed, even thought that all devices status did not change e.g. they are all in range.
My controller has the following details:
Modem Type: XBP24-B
Firmware version: 2070

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


The following information is reported for each module discovered (after issuing ATND)

SH of the module
SL of the module
NI (Variable length)
DEVICE_TYPE (1 Byte: 0=Coord, 1=Router, 2=End Device)
STATUS (1 Byte: Reserved)
PROFILE_ID (2 Bytes)

If you are getting a different result, retry several time by issuing the same ATND command.

Also remember that an Xbee system is a ‘multitasking’ comm system, so issuing an ND won’t prevent other/older traffic from still arriving & possibly confusing your code. Your code needs to detect what is a valid and invalid packet.