ATNI command dosent response!!!

Hi all
I’m so unhappy and confused…
ATNI command doesn’t response!!!
also i have some errors in communication between XCTU and xbee pro module.
How can I configure and upgrade them?!!!.
I use windows 7, so I download the “ftdi_WindowsVistaDrivers” file from and open it in “download new version” window, but see no changes.
Should I download “ftdi_WindowsVistaDrivers” when my xbee pro module is connected to pc or no?!!
May you help me what can I do?!!

please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hi seraj_8008

ATNI command returns a string that which is used to identify a particualr node. By default, the node identifier parameter is not assigned with any string value; which is what you are seeing.

First, assign any string to your module. Lets say to give seraj_8008 as NI, give command " ATNIseraj_8008 ". Now check NI value again.

I don’t remember ‘1247’ is firmware version for which module and for what function set.

Tell me, which module do you have with you or either post images of front and back of your module.

FW 1247 sounds like the old ZNet Router AT firmware. You should be able to load a newer ZigBee firmware on those modules.

With Windows 7, you should not require adding drivers for the Digi XBIB board. I can’t comment on other forms of USB.

thanks for your quick response.
the serial number and other useful information that i received from xctu com test/query modem window:
may you help me?!!!

can you tell me how can i load a newer ZigBee firmware on my modules?!!
should xbee be connected to pc when downloading new firm wire version or isn’t force to plug in to pc ?!!!
help me plese

Hello seraj_8008,

Find the X-CTU User’s Guide here:

It explains how to upgrade firmware with the “Modem Configuration” tab. Regards,

Hi seraj_8008

Click on “Download New versions…” and then “Web” in X-CTU to download all new firmwares available. Its not necessary that your module is connected at this point.

If you still see that “modem config. not found” message, then manually download your “1247” firmware from: . After “Download New versions…” select “File” and then pointing to zip file which you have already downloaded.

This should solve your problem. But Znet is an old firmware, you can update your module with new firmware.

Anyways, which module do you have S2 or S2B or something else ??