BCLKOUT0 and CLKOUT1 show no signals

Has anyone used BCLKOUT0 or CLKOUT1?

The Digi Hardware docs list this as an output “by default” (meaning U-Boot probably set this up as such) but I see nothing on those signals on coming off the module.

If my code is correct (and I have the registers for nCS1 being set to what looks correct using similar code to peer into MISCCR), then MISCCR is actually set the way I want by default, but nothing is showing up on BCLKOUT0 or CLKOUT1.

I’m wondering if those pins need to have the GPIO configured to be CLKOUT0 and CLKOUT1 and have their direction registers set for output. (Guess I need to go look at that next)

Let me know and thanks,


Which OS are you running? I’ve gotten this to work by stealing code from the ethernet drivers in WinCE. By default I think the pins are unconfigured, so you’ll need to set up the CPU to allow you to toggle them.

I was using Linux – I ended up making it all work.

Sorry for the delay.

I’d change the topic to “solved” but the system won’t let me past 3 days (that’s kinda dumb)