BUG in CGI page with DOCTYPE

AWS appears to have a bug whenever DOCTYPE is included with a CGI generated page

If I include a DOCTYPE and a linked CSS file:
– In standards compliant browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome the CSS file is not loaded because the mime type of the file has been set (presumeably by AWS) to “application/x-local-exec” and we get a plain HTML rendering with no styles at all.
– IE6/7/8 goes about its merry ignorant way and loads the CSS anyway, which I’ll bet people only ever bothered to test their web pages in IE and therefore never saw this bug.
– I guarantee I am not setting that MIME type and my link tag has type=“text/css” excplicityly stated.

If I eliminate the DOCTYPE, and use the linked CSS file:
– the standards compliant browsers complain about the MIME type, but they go ahead and use the CSS.
– IE6/7/8 however goes into quirks mode which renders the page incorrectly
– however this test does prove that the css file can be found in the file system

If I include the DOCTYPE and use a STYLE tag in the HEAD:
– all browsers render the page correctly, but of course I do not want to have to redundantly push CSS with every page request

Firefox reports this error: The stylesheet http://x.x.x.x/FS/FLASH0/doctest.css was not loaded because its MIME type, “application/x-local-exec”, is not “text/css”.

This is a pretty major bug, and is going to derail my entire project.

Has anyone come across this and found a workaround (other than embedding the CSS)?