Building with imported kernel source

Hello everyone,

i have imported the kernel sources into my project (DEL5.2) and now want to make changes to the file
$PROJ_DIR/arch/arm/mach-ns9xxx/include/mach/regs-sys-ns921x.h. But changes have no effect, because the compiler takes always the file from the digi directory.
How can i change this?

Thanks for any helpand regards

go to project properties -> C/C++ include paths…
remove default include path and try

Thanks for your reply.
I try to deactivate the “discoverd path”, but it already uses the header fom the digi directory.
Any ideas how to deactivate the discover option?
While compiling a terminal message says “using kernel source from …digi5.2”. But that also not true, it uses the kernel source from my project directory, but not this include dir???


i think i got it.
See attached.

Try changing …

->>KERNEL_SRCS = -C $(DEL_TOOL_DIR)/kernel/linux O=$(DEL_PROJ_DIR)/build/kernel

To the way you wanted

i already tried that and then really get the right source dir with

Using /home/peter/workspace/Import_Test/build/kernel as source for kernel

but also

/home/peter/workspace/Import_Test/build/kernel is not clean, please run ‘make mrproper’
in the ‘/home/peter/workspace/Import_Test/build/kernel’ directory.


make[2]: *** [prepare3] Error 1