Bus tranceiver

I have to use a bus transceiver for the D16 to D31 because I have 7 different component connected to these pins on the data bus. I have looked at the test board design and I use the same gate 74LVXH16245 or 74LVCH16245 bus transceiver, but I don’t use any PIC or CPLD. I will connect the direction on the bus transceiver to RW_ on NS7520. But watt shall I do with the OE_ on the bus transceiver? A way to solute the problem could be a AND function of the OE_ and WE_, is this the right way to do it?

RW_ is normally the best to use to steer the data transceiver direction. It always has the same timing regardless of whether its a Async or Sync cycle. During Async cycles OE_ & WE_ may allow data bus contention since the transceiver is turned around later an back again earlier. This can only be determined by careful analysis of the timing of each device on the data bus.