Can I set a PortServer II Port to timeout?

I have a problem with some of my users.
They connect to my PortServer through dial up.
Sometimes they will lose connection and when they get back online they are unable to connect to the PortServer because it thinks they are still connected.

Is there a way I can set my ports to timeout after say 120 seconds?


The real solution is to confirm the modem is dropping carrier (DCD) upon disconnect. This setting varies depending on the modem model.

Also, if you are using 8-wire cabling (non-Digi cable), you should activate the altpin setting on the PortServer II unit:

#> set flow altpin=on range=(port#)

I’m sorry I guess I should have given more details.

They are connecting over the internet via IP.
the PortServer does not use any modems.
It just accepts incomming connections.

For example I’ll have an AOL Dialup users working and they go get something to eat.
when they come back they find AOL has disconnected them.
Most of the time the port they where connected to will no longer be available because it thinks the user is still connected.

I don’t believe there’s any parameter to accomplish that on a Portserver II. The Portserver TS line has a command which would do this, but the Portserver II is an older product. The port should be clearing on its own when the connection closes though, so make sure you’re using the latest firmware.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem, please call Technical Support.