can´t connect RDX drive with USB/5

Dear all,

we are try to connect an anywhere USB/5 Digi port 1.8.0 on a VMWare esx 4.0 with Server 2003 as guest system. We install the driver and configure it with an static adress. Then we connect an RDX USB drive the digi port. WE can see the RDX drive as a new drive on the virtuel machine. We copied the USB.sy_ to the System32/driver folder an rename as usb.sys. We restart the Machine.
unfortunately we can´t see the RDX drive in the Digi Port. does anyone knows what is wrong?

thanks for your help


Exactly what is a “RDX USB drive”?


this is an external USB RDX drive

There are known issues related to USB 2.0 storage devices that we’re unable to fix, probably because the AnywhereUSB is a USB 1.1 hub. Because of that, we do not recommend or support those kinds of devices.

We MAY offer newer firmware some time in the future that enables USB 2.0 support for the newer 2nd generation AnywhereUSB models. If and when that ever happens, USB 2.0 storage devices may behave better and we may then start supporting them.