Can we do this

Here i have a doubt abt preventing the WLAN systems data from DDOS attack using rabbit wifi module. For this project i have bought rabbit 5400 wifi module and a wifi adapter. I would lik to prevent system hacking using a rabbit processor. I have to moniter the maximum data transfering at the physical and data link layer. So when a hacker trying to access my sysem data then my rabbit processor should prevent the hacking and disconnect the hackers IP from the network. So for tht rabbit processor has to act as a router. Give me some ideas to develope this topic. Its a final year project for my ECE friend. So some positive ideas would be very helpfull to me.

why no one has got any single idea on this topic???

If it were me doing the project, that’s not the approach I would take. Try looking up SPI, Stateful Packet Inspection. I think MAC address filtering would be your best bet. Also, in order to be a router, the Rabbit would need another interface, such as wired ethernet. I think the 5400W has ample power to do this, but you’d have to inspect the source MAC of each inbound packet and redirect/discard accordingly. You could also keep a list of allowed/not allowed MAC’s stored in the user block in case of power loss.