Capture broadcast messages to a file ?


I’ve got an X4, and a bunch of devices using Digi ZB modules. They send out a broadcast from time to time that I’d like to capture to a file on the X4. I’ve been looking for some sample code that might explain how to accomplish this, but have come up empty handed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?


Broadcast in any mesh is very disruptive - so keep in mind the X4 might see some broadcasts multiple times.

But to do as you wish, you just ‘bind’ on the end-point you broadcast on - so use UDP/IP as a guide. If you broadcast in end-point 0xE8, just bind on that port.

  • Lynn


Thanks. The engineers are going to stop using Broadcast. Is there a document somewhere that explains which ports to bind to?


for serial data on the XBee serial port, the default will always be 0xE8. Look at this Wiki page: