Change state of the endDevice if is out of range


I have a XBee Pro S2B (XBP24BZ7SIT-004-revF) as Coordinator connect to Raspberry Pi.

And 10 XBee Pro S2B as enDevices and each has the pin 20 connected to a relay.

How I can do to change the state of the pin 20 when this is out of scope?

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If by scope you mean range, you must set one of the nodes as a Router so that the node that is moving out of range of the coordinator can associated to the router instead.

If you mean how to change the state of the Pin 20 line, that is done using API mode from the Coordinator and issue a Remote AT command.

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Yes I mean range, sorry for my english. I don’t want to use a router. I need the relay that is connected to pin20 of the XBee, change of status when out of range, if the relay are in HIGH state to change to LOW.

Can this be done only with the XBee ?, Or I need another component like an Arduino or something similar?

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You will need to do that externally with some sort of processor and protocol that you create.

Ok mvut,

Thank you very much!

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