changing unicast addressing

I have one XBee Pro 10A5 that I need to alternately unicast to two others. I have been successfully doing this by setting the destination address prior to sending each message. But looks like I could also do this by channel number or PAN ID. Would using one these be considered better than the others?

I’d stick to the way you’ve been doing it. You can change channels if you find that one is less noisy than another, and you can change PANID if there’s another XBee network using the one you’re on. Otherwise I can’t see any reason to hop about in either domain.

In my own project I have XBees sending the states of their I/O lines at regular intervals. That means that my controller must always be ready to receive from them - which means keeping to a constant channel and PANID. For my money, you’re already doing it the best way.