Chip Selects

I’m playing with the 7520 RDK board and GHS 6.0. My design will have an FPGA tied to the bus on the back side of the transceivers (with the flash). My question is how do I determine what is a valid address to set the Chip Sel 3 to be the FPGA base address? Or is my logic Wrong? /************************************************************************************ #define CS3_OR_ADDR 0xFFC00040 #define CS3_OPTION_REG_ADDR 0xFFC00044 #define FPGA_BASE 0x01000000 unsigned long fpgaBase; unsigned long display; unsigned long cs3_or = (unsigned long)CS3_OR_ADDR; / chip selection 3 option register address / unsigned long cs3_op_reg = (unsigned long)CS3_OPTION_REG_ADDR; / chip selection 3 option register address */ *cs3_or = 0x01000000; // FPGA Chip Select definition cs3_op_reg = 0xfffff000; // FPGA Chip Select definition fpgaBase = (unsigned long)FPGA_BASE; display = *fpgaBase; ************************************************************************************/ I just picked this address out of a hat, when I step over the “display = *fpgaBase;”, the debuger never returns. Thanks Jim

try to set the valid bit in 0xFFC00040 *cs3_or = 0x01000001 Volker