Client problem

I left my board for a while and now that I want to use it as a TCP client to connect to a server program it doesn’t, I still can see and configure it with the discovery tools and it doesn’t show any sign of error, it just don’t connect as a client when serial data arrives at the serial port 1. I was checking with the scope and the serial data arrives at the socket. Other problem, I tried to change the Connect Me since I bought several and the Wizard can’t find them, any idea would be helpful, thanks.

If you are using the old modules, bring it up in diagnostic mode and reprogram it (see earlier threads on how to do this). Make sure that your program has some sort of output that you can check.

If you are using the new modules (-C), you are out of luck, they cannot be recovered.


Thanks but I find out that the problems was a silly one, someone activated the Firewall that comes with WinXP so my program client couldn’t connect with the server program.