Commodore TTL interface.

I’m an old commodore 64 experimenter looking for an inexpensive way to interface my old 8bit computer to the internet. Looking at all the tech documents available it appears that the Digi connect Me or Wi-me would be an excellent choice. I have a few tech questions. THE TTL voltages from the c64 are 5 Volt. Will the Me be capable of handling this. Second what kind of power draw does the Wi-ME consume. The C64 has power available at 5v but it is limited in amps.

None of the Connect modules (EM, ME, Wi-EM, Wi-ME) are not 5 volt tolerant. in order to successfully connect your c64 to the ME/Wi-ME you will need to implement a clamp circuit on the input lines of the ME/Wi-ME.

As for power consumption of the ME/Wi-ME, please take a look at the product brief, located at