Compression algorith used

During debugging of the bootloader I have discovered that my application image is decompressed using the original LSZZ1 function.

Documentation states that “LSZZ2 is significately faster than the original one” so of course I want my image to be compressed using LSZZ2. I know about the new format but always just assumed that it was in use.

I have searched though documentation, linker files, executables but found no clue on how to change this.

There’s a flag in image header specifying the compression type. This flag is undocumented, but can be found in the source code.

Can’t find any documentation about boothrd.exe mentioning the flag.

Can’t find any documentation about compress.exe, is it capable of LSZZ2, command line info or…

Anyone know how to get LSZZ2 compression?

Best regards,
Thomas Maltesen