Configure advanced settings using ESP

I have been using the WebUI to make changes to the devices on my digi network. I recently have been toying with the ESP application and am starting to really like it. My question is… is there a way to confugre the settings on each device using the ESP App?

I am trying to configure the Advanced Settings such as
-I/O sample rate
-Sleep Mode
-Cyclic Sleep Period
-Supply Voltage threshhold


Which ESP are you talking about?
ESP for python or Digi Embedded Linux(DEL)?

If it is DEL, i guess you have device discovery tool in ESP and access device using WEBUI…

Which device is this?
Advanced settings you can configure from CLI through telnet.
Most of them are available in WEBUI…

I am using ESP for Python. I know that all of the AT COmmands are configurable using the WebUI…But I wanted to know how to configure these settings using the ESP application?