Connecting Adtran Console

I’m trying to get to an Adtran TSU console through a TS16. I am connecting it using the console cable and adapter that came with the Adtran, which is connected to a DB-9 male adapter, and then a straight through cable from the adapter to the digi. I am then either ssh’ing or telneting into the digi and connecting to port 10. I have also ssh’d/telnetted directly to the adtran using the assigned port number, but same results.

I have the settings at what is recommended for the Adtran, 9600, 8, None, 1, None. I have tried the altpin and hardware flow control setup with no success. I have also tried slower and faster speeds, along with software flow control, and still nothing coming back from the adtran. However, when I turned on traps on the Adtran, I started getting “o”'s sent to the the screen, and when I power on and off the adtran I get a letter sent to the screen as well.

I am not sure what else I should be looking at or configuring in order to get this working. I am using a DB-9 male adapter that is not a Digi adapter, just some random one I had lying around, but would that make a difference? I am assuming the DB-9 female that came with the Adtran switches the pins in the way needed, so any DB-9 male should do?

The PortServer TS does not use a standard pinout, so any random DB9 adapter will probably not work. I’m thinking cabling is most likely the issue here. The pinout of the Digi device can be found on page 2 of the following link:

If you are unable to decipher how to cable the 2 devices together, please provide a pinout of the Adtran, and we can investigate how to connect it to the PortServer.

Ok, it is an RJ-45 and the pin outs are as follows:
1 - GND
2 - RTS
3 - RX
4 - Unused
5 - TX
6 - Unused
7 - Unused
8 - CTS

Also, this is the port log, not sure if it will help at all:

Is the interface of the Adtran an RJ45? Do you get clean data if you connect the comm port of a laptop to the Adtran?

Looking this over, here is what I think it should be:

Adtran Digi
1 - GND -------> 6 - GND
2 - RTS -------> 7 - CTS
3 - Rx -------> 4 - Tx
5 - Tx -------> 5 - Rx
8 - CTS -------> 2 - RTS

This is assuming that the Adtran is a DTE device, and that pins 4, 6, and 7 do not need to be looped back for any reason on the Adtran side.

Correct, those are for the Adtran RJ-45 console port. The adtran comes with a cable and adapter to console into it, and according to their documentation it is a straight through cable carrying the pin outs above, into a RJ-45 to DB-9 female adapter. I am not positive on how that adapter is configured, but I assume it would just be converting the wires to a standard 232 serial pin out for a terminal.

That adtran RJ-45 to DB-9 (female) adapter I then have plugged into a random db-9 male adapter I had lying around, which I assumed would be fine because it would just carry the same pin outs from the adtran adapter. I then have a straight through from the male adapter to the digi port. If that adapter is pinned wrong, why am I getting anything to the screen then?

Yes I do get a clean conection when I console into it directly.

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Most likely noise on one of the other serial lines looking like data? Try Zachh’s pinout :wink:


Thanks for the help. Just one question, I am showing that pin 5 is Tx and pin 6 is Rx for the Digi, your saying they are 4(tx) and 5(rx). Is that a typo or am I missing something?

Woops nevermind, thats the 10 pin out right.

The PortServer TS uses a 10-pin RJ45 connector. Since you will be using an 8-pin RJ45 cable, the pins are going to be 1 off of the original pinout in the documentation.

Worked like a charm! Thanks for the help.

I also have a Cray I have to console into as well. Pin outs are:
1 - Unused
2 - Console Detect (Term)
3 - DTR
4 - DCD
5 - RTS
6 - Rx
7 - Tx
8 - GND

These are a little different then the Adtran in that they have he DCD, DTR and Console Detect pins. How do I go about pinning those to the Digi?

Cray Digi
1 Unused -----------------> 3 GND
2 Console Detect (Term) –> ?
3 DTR --------------------> 8 DTR
4 DCD --------------------> 1 DCD (Altpin option)
5 RTS --------------------> 7 CTS
6 Rx ---------------------> 4 Tx
7 Tx ---------------------> 5 Rx
8 GND --------------------> 6 GND

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You will want to flip the DTR/DCD signals so that DTR goes to DCD and vice versa. The only pin I question besides those is pin 2 - Console Detect. Not sure what that is being used for by the Cray machine. Cray may need to give some insight on what that pin is doing.