ConnectME(ARM7+NETOS7.1) Memory 0x520000 Problem

I build ConnectME(ARM7+NETOS7.1) into the product and am using it. Several ten has been sold up to now.

Recently, when PING is sent from WINDOWS7-PC, it has been understood to hang up uncommonly.

The thing that I had secured the memory for the task from 0x500000 to 0x528000 was a cause of this problem.

This problem was solved by changing the place where the memory was secured.

However, there is something set up in the place that cannot be updated to the sold product.
These commodities are controlled with WINDOWS-XP.
The problem has not occurred up to now.

I am almost convinced of the use of 0×520000 by BSP.
Please tell what processing that uses 0x520000 for me is.

Because it is questioned by the customer, I am embarrassed.
I want you to help.


Check C:
You can see that 0x500000 to 0x528000 is used for Flash :- AMD AM29LV128M …

Check C:

Set this constant to FALSE to if you want to use these memory areas.

I understood what state the machine was.

I understood what for the memory had to be secured from the heap memory by using the malloc function from another route.

When the area was able to be used, it misunderstood it because I had been designing based on the sample code of DIGI that secured the memory from 0x500000.

It takes care as follows. Thank you Bob.