ConnectPort X4 Ethernet?

I’m having problems getting my ConnectPort X4 to connect to a Cisco SD208 10/100 switch (unmanaged). The switch claims to support 10/100/full/half and auto MDI/MDI-X cable detection.

If I connect through a cheap-o 10mbit hub, it work through the switch OK. Also, I have tried in other Hubs and a linksys router, and it worked OK. I tried both straight and cross-over cables with no luck.

Its either the Cisco switch or the ConnectPort X4, so I’m not sure how to approach this.

The problem may not be the cable or switch, but the default IP of the CP-X4. Default IP of the CP-X4 (in EOS firmware versions prior to 2.8.4.x) is, which is also the default gateway IP of most routers. If you’re on a 192.168.1.x subnet, I suspect this is what’s happening. If this is the case, you’ll want to connect a laptop or PC via crossover cable to the X4 so you can give it an unused IP address on the 192.168.1.x subnet.