Coordinator Remaining Child Always Zero

I have a Coordinator configured with the following profile and latest 20A7 firmware:


I have 9 end devices that will send data at minimum 10 minutes once to 24 hour once. I have also set the coordinator SPxSN to be 24 hours. The issue: not all the time the end devices can connect to the coordinator. When I check the remaining number of child available (although coordinator is just only being powered up and no end device is power on), it is always zero. It seems that the table doesn’t get reinitialized. The only way to get it to work is re-flash the firmware and it would work for few times before coming to the same situation again. I have also fix both coordinator and end devices to operate in a single fixed channel (as I thought this would be helping). I’m not sure what else would be the problem.

Thank you.

do you have other zigbee networks in the area? If you have other digi xbee end nodes and if their pan ids = 0 then they could be joining your coordinator. That would use up the child ‘slots’ you are referring to.

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If you issue ND command it shows the other nodes which are associated with the Coordinator.
In 2x41 version, there was a bug, NC returns invalid children due to stack bug. The versions released after this doesn’t have any issues with NC command i guess.
After reflashing the firmware also if you see the same issue you may need to contact Digi people.

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I don’t have any other Zigbee nearby as the place is pretty much remote.

I’m currently using 0x20A7. The Digi support is suggesting that my table has not expired but removing the power didn’t clear the table either (it keeps it previously known child in the table). So, unless I let the Coordinator to run for another 72 hours (SPxSNx3 = 24x3), then only the table will be cleared. They suggested I issue the global network reset (ATNR1) before I shut off the Coordinator which is rather impossible because what happens if there’s a power outage suddenly.

So, instead of issuing the ATNR1 before shutdown, I did it when power up. By doing this, then the remaining child in the table gets reset. Then only the end devices can join the network.

Currently, I think it is working but I have some other issue relating to the host microcontroller on the end device. So, I would need to isolate the issues first.

Thank you!