custom compile flags seem to be based on project name

We are using Digi ESP with cdt (C/C++) and cvs and gcc. Some of the files in our build require custom compiler flags. We added those flags by opening the project, opening the properties for the files, selecting “C/C++ Build”, and adding the flags under “Miscellaneous”.

If we rename the project in ESP, however, or if we check out the file from cvs through ESP with a different name, then the custom compile flags get lost. Inspection of .cdtbuild shows that the path to the resource includes the name of the checked-out project, which seems wrong – the path should be relative to the top level of the checked-out project.

This is a big problem for us, since most of our developers have multiple copies of our main project checked out in their workspaces.

Any suggestions for a workaround? The basic requirement is custom compiler options for specific files, and these options need to be used regardless of the project name.


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