Data plotting

I’d like to develop a Python app with a web interface that displays a plot of recently acquired data. I already have an application that retrieves data and displays the last polled data to a web page.

What would be the best way to approach this?

I was thinking I could use a python library to dynamically draw the plot image. There are a couple of python libraries for doing this (I think) but I want to pick one that will integrate onto the ConnectPort X4 easily. If this is a good approach, what library should I use?

I would use javascript to plot a graph. We don’t wanna overload the x4 by generating graph on the server side.

Check out Flot, a javascript plotting library, at

I haven’t really tried using flot with ConnectPorts.
Let me know if that works for you.

As Danish mentioned doing this on the client would probably be best. Another library to look at (I have used this on gateways with the digiweb module, worked well) is the Google Visualization API, since they are hosted by Google you do not need to keep the scripts on the device, saving resources.

I tried out Flot since I wanted to be able to host everything from the gateway (so it will work even on a LAN only solution) and it works great. The API and documentation for Flot are excellent.

Is there anything like Flot except for gauges instead of charts? Bindows has a free gauges library ( but it’s not very good. I also found Emprise ( but their software is not free.

If you are using any of the following tools for making the webpages there are gauge widget type things available: Flex (various plug-ins and Flex Charting), ExtJs (combined with GWT), Dojo, Google Web Toolkit, Prototype/, JQuery (SWF/Gauge), MooTools, MochaUI, Silverlight, AnyChart, Dundas (

also its not free but FusionCharts has some pretty cool stuff.