Delete multiple files

I am using the FileData alternate web service to GET a list and the contents of multiple files, like so:

GET /ws/FileData?condition=fdType=‘file’ and fdLastModifiedDate<‘2011-08-11T01:24:00Z’&embed=true

This has simplified my application immensely, and sped it up many times over. Once I have everything, I want to delete the files so I won’t try to get them again. In the Web Services Console, the following is exactly what I want, and it works fine:

DELETE /ws/FileData?condition=fdType=‘file’ and fdLastModifiedDate<‘2011-08-11T01:24:00Z’

However, my code (PHP using cURL), which is working with all other commands, returns: HTTP/1.1 505 HTTP Version Not Supported.

I was under the mistaken impression that the Web Services Console could be used to test requests. Why is it not in sync with what Web Services actually does?

As an alternate question - how can I delete multiple files efficiently?



The web services console actually executes the request against the web service exactly as an application would.

I tested using curl from the command line:
curl -X DELETE --u username:password\‘myfile\’

This worked fine for me. I wonder if it is possible that something odd is going on between php and cURL with your setup.