Delta DSR status register bit ?

I have an AccelePort Xp 8port. Do these ports have a Delta DSR modem status register bit and how can I interogate it?


Can you please advise what operating system is used on the host system?

Depending on the operating system, there may be a way to check the delta for this signal.

The Xp product is an intelligent board.

The UART register space is not available to either the driver nor userspace.

The firmware will report back to the driver the current state of all the modem signals when something changes in their state.

This does NOT include the deltas of each signal, but the absolute value of each signal at that given modem.

The Linux driver supports the TIOCMGET ioctl, which will allow you to get the current status of the various modem signals, of which DSR is one.

But again, the deltas of each signal is NOT available from that ioctl either.


I run Linux. I’m using version 1.1-5 of the driver on a 2.6.14 kernel.


Thanks. Thats kind of what I figured but wanted to be sure.