Device Reboot causes Names not registered when using python callback

I have created a project using ESP and called the target of the presentation: idigi_dia

as long as the ESP is up, the request works fine, But, if I close the ESP and reboot the gateway I get the “Name not registered” Error

I throught that the reboot should not matter because the project has already been stored in the gateway but it looks like it is stored in volatile memory!!! can anyone help

        Name not registered


Check your dia.yml file and provide the Target name as “idigi_dia” under presentations–>RCI Handler

Hi thanks but you did not really answer my question. the target name is indeed set to idigi_dia in the dia.yml file

My problem is that when the ESP is closed and I REBOOT the gateway I get the “Names not registered” Error

it looks like REBOOTING the gateway causes this problem

This is likely a timing issue - assuming your presentations come AFTER the devices in your YML, it can take many minutes for RCI to work after a reboot.

You can move the RCI handler up in the YML (meaning put all the presentations first), but then you might get valid RCI response from idigi_dia, but the data channels do not yet exist.

Hi Thank…it is not a timing issue. I have fixed the problem.

The solution is to Enable the Python Auto-start settings to

basically, when after the device reboot, it will execute the which will call the dia.yml which set the RCI handler to the target name that I have specified and that is used by the idigi RCI request

Hopefully this is useful for someone



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Hi byrsa,

I m happy to hear that your issue is solved. thanks for updating the forum.