Digi Connect Wi-EM & Sleep mode


I am using a Digi Connect Wi-EM and i wondered if there was a sleep mode or any kind of stand by mode when no Wi-Fi communication occurs.

When i am using it for Wi-Fi communication, everything is working well but when i leave it for few hours ( or minutes ??) and when i come back, i can’t have any Wi-Fi dialogue.

Is there something in software or hardware that would need to be deasctivated for this phenomena not to happen again ?

Many thanks.

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Please confirm whether you are working with the Integrationm or Development kit, it does not have any bearing on this particular question, but it can bve imporant in other instances.

Our Connect wireless device do not implement any sleep or stand-by) mode, currently.

What is the ‘Wi-Fi dialogue’ you speak of? Please provide more specifics.


I use an PDA to “communicate” by Wi-Fi with the Digi Connect Wi-EM.

I tried to put a registration on it with a password :

Sometimes when the confirmation of a correct password is sent from the PDA, the Digi receives it and send an acknowledge, that is sometimes not received by the PDA, so my application is not active anymore.
I’ll try to fix it by resendind a command but do you have any solution for lost packets ?

When i am logged on it, it works very well, if i lost the Wi-Fi network ( it happens if i am not arround the device) then if i come back near the device, it works without any problem.

But if i am not logged on, and i come back, the Digi does not provide the Wi-Fi network anymore, and it is not possible from the PDA to “catch” it again …

Would you have any explanation for that ?

Many thanks.

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