_digiconnect USB Bluetooth adaptor BU-2073-J


I have this USB / Bluetooth dongle and I’d like to use it with my Toshiba e740 Pocket PC (Win 2002). When I plug it into the USB port on the expansion pack, I have a request to tell it the name of the driver that it needs to use. Is there such a driver for Windows for Pocket PC 2002?

I’ve tried all the usual searches, but I can’t find a driver to download anywhere…

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


Martin Bryant


I believe you have the wrong company here unfortunately. I am not aware of us making any USB Bluetooth adapters.

We are Digi International and not “DigiConnect”.

I tried to find something on the numbers that you gave me here but can’t find anything either.

It seems that the device is made by “SparkLan” but I can’t seem to open up their webpage.

Can you please let me know exactly where you got it from? If you got it online somewhere I’d like to take a look at the URL.

Mike Swift


Yes, I was afraid that maybe it was the wrong Digi people, but I, like you can’t find anything else.

I bought it in Holland sometime last year, but more than that I don’t remember.

It’s happy to load as a generic Bluetooth device on my laptop, but giving it the same driver name on the Pocket PC doesn’t work. I’ll try asking Microsoft, I think, but I’m fairly sure that they don’t like supporting Pocket win 2002 any more, even though they won’t release an upgrade to 2003 for my e740.


But thanks for trying. :slight_smile:


Sorry Martin, I feel your pain :frowning:

Good luck with everything!