Digimesh latency


I’m using XBee 868LP (XB8-DMUS-002 revC).
The mesh network is designed to collect data from 8 devices in network.

I have a problem with latency in that natwork. Each of 8 devices sends 6 byte data by SPI every 800 ms to the collecting data device (API=1,unicast, mesh). If there is a direct connection between them, latency is very low, but if it uses mesh (at least one device to repeat data) the latency sometimes grows to 15 seconds. Is it normal? Can I configure the network to communicate faster?

When I disable ACKs, the network works a little faster, but still too slow. Sleep mode is set to normal (do not need to sleep). Each device (collector and senders) are set as routers.


Hi, to fix the issue of latency in network you need to manage the latency and accessibility of devices in your network utilizing RTM. To do it you are supposed to open the Engineers Toolset from the Start Menu and writing Toolset Launch Pad. Now tap on the option that says All Tools before scrolling down and press the Launch button for the Workspace Studio tool. Find other ways to fix latency issues go for https://appuals.com/monitor-availability-and-latency-of-network-devices/ . Here you will see the Getting Started tab, here just add your device to Workspace Studio. You will be incited with the Add New Device window where you will be given the IP address of the device you need to monitor. After adding the device you will now have to make new tabs with the Response Time Monitor tools that you can find in the Gadgets box. Just drag one of these tools and leave it in the tabs area. From here now can drag and drop the other two tools in the same tab so you can gain access to all the information in the same place. After organizing the tools, include all the devices and give it some time to gather the information and then you’ll be capable to see the graphs and the table.