Do I need a programmable module?


I wonder for which of the following tasks a programmable XBee is needed:[ul]
[li]Creating a HA Profile compatible device (e.g light switch) using XBee
[/li][li]Implementing some logic to control an impulse switch (XBee output high for some ms, then low)
[/li][li]Using a digital sensor like a temperature sensor which needs a trigger to deliver the measurement, e.g some special bit sequence which I don’t want to do over the air
Do I need for this kind of tasks the programmable version?

Yes, for all you would need a programmable XBee.

The standard Xbee has no HA profile support. It cannot change IO status based on logic or timing. It cannot use a serial protocol or an IO pin to trigger anything.

Now one disclaimer - if the Xbee is set to cyclically wake, you could use the XBee pin 13 “ON, /SLEEP” to periodically trigger the temperature sensor to refresh an analog signal or dump-out a Async UART serial protocol message. But if the temperature sensor requires I2C or SPI comms, that would require a programmable XBee.


Do I need for this kind of tasks the programmable version?


Since programmable xbee is only a thing that carries ember em250 and freescale hcs08 in one package, it can be the same also in the combination of xbee s2 and other microcontrollers.

By, of course using programmable xbee, the conventional product is made to correspond to HA profile, or reduction of cost and foot print may be attained.

Thanks lynnl. As always a great help.

Is there a special Product Manual for the programmable modules, covering XBee Development?

Yes chobichan, you are right, that would be possible :slight_smile: